Monday, 3 December 2012

Check your inbox

I love the fact that I've done 99% of my Christmas shopping online - how housebound people used to cope before the internet I'll never know. The best thing now is that with certain companies you can get a gift voucher emailed to the recipient on Christmas Day itself. Before this, you had to print the voucher out or pay postage to get it delivered. I am aware that I'm sounding like my nan - every year she'd say 'ooo my gawd, where do they get their ideas from?' - but it's so simple these days.

Of course, you can't just say 'your pressie's in your inbox', you have to have a little gift card. Like this:

The background is painted and then I've inked through the ~{Tando Joined Snowflake Mask}~. I've stamped ~{Hunk}~ and cut the top of his head off (as you do) and given him a santa hat. I then used the arrow from ~{Art Lives Here}~ and stamped the words. I had this spare set of wings from ~{Shouting Bird}~ sitting on my desk from a project that's due later this week and I thought they looked good on him, so he's got them.

I finished off with a pompom, glitter and lots of pen work.

Kaz xxx


  1. Fab idea, I didn't know they did that. Love how you've chopped Hunks head off, but at least it's still hinged!!

    Sam xxx

  2. hahahaha fab idea for a different type of gift card! xxx

  3. LOL... what a fab idea! Very cute card. XOXO

  4. Brilliant idea honey, and superbly crafted as always, I love it. Poor hunk, bet that hurt lol!!!!!!!!
    Huge hugs x x x x

  5. erm my inbox is full :( SUPER CUUUUTE ! love the wings

  6. What a great idea and a fab card! I think I've done 0.1%of my pressie shopping lol x

  7. Kaz - that is a brilliant idea! I love your gift card, it's so cute

  8. Well I've learnt something new Kaz. I was sounding like your Nan lol but what a good idea. :)


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