Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas in my kitchen

I have been mooching on Pinterest during some serious sofa-time and have been ooooing at some of the gorgeous Christmas ideas. The ones that really caught my eye where the mini trees, so I had to have a go.

I made the tree shapes with old cereal boxes and painted them, then added some wire ribbon and tinsel mesh ribbon that I found at ~{The Ribbon Room}~, which was a new store for me.

Adding the ribbons were a bit fiddly at the very tops of the trees, but got much easier. I used gel medium to stick it all on.

To finish off  I used ~{Daniel's Tree Topper Small}~ and ~{Daniel's Tree Topper Large}~ with minimal colouring.

These are now sat making my kitchen very festive.

Kaz xxx


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  2. They're lovely, loving the texture you've been able to add, no trace of their humble cereal packet beginnings..very sophisticated trees. Lovely.

  3. Awe these are gorgeous sweetie, what a fab idea. Loving the tinsel ribbon.
    Huge hugs x x x x

  4. they look great especially the ones with the gruesome fairies on. x

  5. WOW! these are rediculously fantastic Kaz!!!! I LOVE them! xxx

  6. enjoying your trees Kaz- Pinterest is for sure addicting and yes,..wish I could be there to make them with you! :)

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