Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Pull My Finger

This is a tag I made just for the fun of it, which is something I don't often get the chance to do:

It started life as playing around with paints after watching the PaperArtsy 'bump video' (I think there's a lot of people playing with that technique at the moment). I used the Tando ~{Distorted Harlequin Mask}~ and it's just about visible with Fresco paints then added some torn book paper and stamped    ~{Fax to Wolfgang}~ through the ~{Random Circles Mask}~.

At this point I stopped and wasn't sure what to do next, but then my Christmas present to myself arrived.   Yes I know, that's very naughty, but I thought bugger it I'm having a treat - so I got one of the Donna Downey sets of Pan Pastels. So they were tested on the tag!! And then I was ready to finish it off with        ~{Smile}~,   ~{Hand}~ and ~{Pull My Finger}~. If ever any 3 stamps were meant to be used together it was these 3!!

I finished off by drawing through the ~{Sequin Waste Mask}~ with my white pen and doodling all over the place, including at the end of the pointy finger ;)

Kaz xxx


Karen said...

ooo that background looks lush! I am still waiting for my pressie to myself to arrive hahaha!!! Fabulous tag my lovely xxx

Juls said...

fabulous card!! Hugs Juls

Anonymous said...

And fun it is Kaz! Wonderful tag, it made me smile.

Reflective Art Studio said...

Ha ha...
THat is fun.

Dawn said...

Rofl, brilliant tag sweetie, lol just nearly fell off the sofa as this was Max to a T today, stinky trumpy bottomed little boy!!
Your background is gorgeous, fab choice of colours my lovely. So good to see something you have done for fun too. Ha ha ha, it must be a crafting tradition to do a 'present to self' - guilty m'lud!!!!!!!!
Huge huggles x x x x

tracy said...

love your tag kaz......now why haven't i ever thought of getting myself a present!!!