Friday, 6 March 2015

Tando Colour Challenge

I'm continuing on with the colour theme on ~{Tando}~ this week and I made a card:

This was actually the 3rd version of this card as I tried really hard to get more colour onto the card, but I didn't like it. I altered it, then doodled on it and then completely ruined it so I started all over again using the flower part of it.

I inked through the circle part of the ~{Tree and Leaves 3 Part Mask}~ onto the card base and then attached the flower from the ~{Flowers with Stems Grab Bag}~ which has been painted with acrylic paints, shaded with pens and doodled on.

I doodled a frame around the flower and coloured just inside the frame before adding a greeting. I'll let you into a little secret, I had to put the greeting there because I'd ruined the bottom of the stem with all my faffing. This is the first time I've ever managed to break a bit of Tando chipboard in all the years I've been using it!!!! I could probably have saved it, had I waited for it to dry out, but I was cross and impatient so I chopped it off!!!

Kaz xxx


Angelnorth said...

That doodled frame is fantastic and your sentiment "save" worked really well!

massofhair said...

Brilliant save Kaz must have been a shock to wreck something so durable lol. Beautiful card :-) xxx

Kay Wallace said...

Gorgeous card, Kaz! I thought that your border was a stamp! It SHOULD be a stamp!!

Sue said...

This is really lovely Kaz, you make it all look so effortless that it's reassuring to know that you have disasters too (does that make me a bad person for thinking this lol) Have a fab weekend, Sue xx

G Peplow said...

Beautiful result, I'm with Sue, you make your art look so effortless, glad to know you're human too :D xx