Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Ministry of Mixology Kits

This week on {Tando} we are highlighting the kits that are initially produced for the Ministry of Mixology Retreats. Once the weekends are over, they are sold in the shop.

In an effort to try and improve my health as much as I can, I bought a NutriBullet and have been making smoothies for my lunch. I figured that a green smoothie has to have more beneficial nutrients than a bowl of cereal! And, who knew, you can buy pre-chopped frozen fruit. It takes as long and as much effort to make one as the usual cereal lunch I was having!

So to help me vary the smoothies, I've made a recipe journal using the {Ministry of Mixology Kate Crane Journal}

I started off using {DecoArt White Modelling Paste} through the {Grid Round Stencil} and {Letters Stencil}. Once that was dry, I gave all the greyboard sheets a coat of gesso and then went to town with acrylic paints, pens and stamps, including {Kaffee Klatsch} by Natalie Kalbach for Stampendous.

I also used inspirational quotes I got from Pinterest to keep me going.

I can't say that it's improved my health, I'm still feeling as crap as ever, but I think it's good for my general health and having a spinach based fruit smoothie everyday can only help that. I love the taste - my fave is spinach, banana, peach and oats - and surprisingly, it does keep you full up.

And last week, I managed to drop a full one all over my kitchen!! Luckily for me, my sister and niece were dropping the in-laws home so they came round and cleared it up. I found it very amusing!

The journal comes with the rings and you can also buy {more inserts} so they are very flexible in their use.

Kaz xxx


Karen said...

This is totally gorgeous Kaz :-D Unlike the green mess that you drink hahahaha xxx

Juls said...

Oooh wow!!!! Love this sooooooooo much xx

Corrie Herriman said...

That's a fabulous book ! Love it !
Corrie x