Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Elephant Journal Page

This week on the {Tando Blog} we are having a week highlighting Andy Skinner and Nathalie Kalbach products that {Tando} sell in the store. I made a journal page:

I just love the {Elephant Cling 3 Piece} by Nathalie so I knew I had to do a journal page with them. 

The background has been made using Brushos as watercolour paint in multiple layers. Once dry, I've inked through the stencil that comes with the stamps.

On separate card, I've stamped the stamps using grey acrylic paint. Once dry, I cut them out and stuck them on the journal pages, then added ink around them.

I finished off with an inspirational elephant quote I found on Pinterest.

Kaz xxx


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Karen said...

This is amazing!!! I love that elephant x