Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Twice in one day!

No Rosie, get your mind out of the gutter, it's not what you think!! I'm like the proverbial bus, nothing for ages and then two really quickly (I wouldn't complain though if Rosie was right)!
Anyway, my friend Jane asked me to do a card for her husband as their 20th wedding anniversary is next week and she couldn't find a card with 20th and husband on.
I did this one, using a sketch from HERE There are some brilliant sketches and cards from this site, so much inspiration. I liked the card so I did a couple more, in blue and smaller. One day I'll have the confidence to post a card on here or the DCM site.
Doing the card is an excellent excuse for getting together with Jane for a natter. She's one of those friends who you might not see for a while, but then its like yesterday when you do. I'm Godmother to her son George who is now 14. I can remember so clearly when he was born, it doesn't seem possible it was that long ago.


Unknown said...

Kaz, my darling! How rude of you to think my mind is in the gutter. But we all know our twice nightly man of our dreams, me thinks HAHA!

Love the cards and ATC'

Hope all goes well with your garden hun, ready for summer sun and chillin' out!

Di said...

Gorgeous work Kaz as always.