Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Eastwell Manor

I've finally got round to posting some pics of our weekend away, which was a 40th birthday gift to me from Graham who was my partner for 12 years.
We had a fabby time and I think I was born to live that type of lifestyle! This is the main part of the place:

We didn't stay in the main house, but we went over there for meals, which were out of this world and very Gordon Ramsay - there was pigeon for one choice of starter, but after seeing them flying about the grounds I'm glad to say I wasn't even tempted by this!! I did however move out of my comfort zone food wise and tried dinners I wouldn't normally have gone for and was pleasantly surprised.

We stayed in one of the cottages, the middle one here, which is the first with a hedge. It was the first time for about 30 years that Lynne and I shared a room and mum couldn't resist shouting up the stairs 'will you two be quiet and go to sleep!'

It rained more or less the whole time, but we had such a relaxing time, it didn't matter. If it had been nice it would have been good to wander round the grounds as it was beautiful.

We each had a beauty treatment every day in the spa and there was a steam room (I managed 2 mins) a sauna (1 min) a hot tub (I want one in my garden) and a hydrotherapy pool (with lots of air and water jets). Mum and Lynne had a swim in the inside pool while I lay in a heap on a bench!!
It was a brilliant time, even though I found the walking a bit hard going - it must have been at least 100 metres to the house lol!
And finally a pic of my lovely Mum and sister, followed by a very disturbing and tired pic of Mum and me.


Di W said...

Glad you had a great time Kaz. Looks and sounds like a fab place to go for a treat!

Anonymous said...

Looks a lovely place Kaz, and so glad you had a relaxing and fun time!