Thursday, 16 August 2007

Happy Birthday Tony!

Today it's Tony's birthday so I can blog his card now. He's got his family going round to see him this evening. Before anybody says why is a grown man getting an action man card, I'll explain. This is his hobby in the same way that crafting is mine and it helps both of us cope with this illness. He has a forum in the same way that we visit forums to discuss craft stuff and generally gossip. They do kit bashes where they make a figure and uniform that they want and alter vehicles etc. I have to say that he's done some really good stuff. But, because he's my best mate, and that allows me to, I take the piss mercilessly about playing dollies.

Happy Birthday Tony!!

I printed a picture from the net and made a distressed frame for it. The action man logo was printed and I tried to match the greeting as much as poss, including the bullet holes. *If anyone knows how to use word to get both words the same width on different lines I'd be grateful as I struggled with this*

I've also done a card using the CPS#26 sketch this week.

This is my version: The papers are by chatterbox in the violet parlour range and the rub on is another freebie. I love these flowers so I didn't want to tuck any of it behind the card!


Kathy said...

These are both fab Kaz. Love he Action Man idea - can't help you with your text query though, sorry

Louly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tony! I bet he loved this card, so much thought has gone into it. I think it's fab. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

Alhambra Club said...

Great action figure card - Happy Birthday Tony - and love your take on the DCM challenge, that flower is lovely, and believe that you do not have verficiation.

Leigh said...

both great cards, I love the colours of your CPS sketch card.

Penny said...

They're both great cards, especially the Action man one LOL!

Sorry I've missed a few posts as I was away too. Nice to hear you have a lappy now, they are super useful for using when you need be somewhere more comfy than a hard chair!

. said...

great card! Christine