Sunday, 9 December 2007

It had to happen

Monkey photos I mean. I love making Christmas cards and get bored very quickly writing them. I did so many other things yesterday instead of doing them, which is very similar to me and housework! Wonky offered to help, but he can't write yet.
So with it being Christmas, that means a tree, and having monkeys means they are going to want to climb.
And mess about with a WIP that can't fight back.

And then want to teach the little ones a lesson about malicious gossiping

Looking forward to seeing other monkey/tree pictures on other sites soon.

*thanks to Tony for the idea for the last photo*


Rhi said...

I need a Monkey to write all my Christmas cards, perfect solution!

Janice said...

Ha, ha, ha - lovely stuff Kaz, it's just like a soap opera at your house.


Penny said...

Hee-hee, I love your naughty monkeys!!

Igotmebabe said...

Looks to me like they are out of control. I can hear you laugh as you take these pictures:) I dread to think what our next conversation will be like:)

Gillian said...

I can't wait for the morning to show my kids these gorgeous photo's of the monkeys :)

Unknown said...

Kaz!! How would you like a Christmas tree stuck up YOUR bum! OUCH!!! LMFAO


Kaz said...

Actually Rosie I think I might like it!! ;)

And Janette I am laughing all the time at them, especially when I stuck the big googly eyes on the little ones.

Signed the saddo who talks to her monkeys and is hoping for a lovely soft walled room for Christmas x

Dawn Wheeler said...

You and your monkeys are so funny ,i love to see what they are getting up to ,Dawnx