Monday, 17 March 2008

Auntie Kaz's twisted logic

I'm almost ashamed to post this picture of the panda I made for Lucy, just don't look too closely, but if you do, may I please remind you of my blog title! Lucy loves pandas and I'd bought a pattern from ebay before Christmas with the intent of making it for her birthday. The knitting book I got for Christmas has a pattern for a panda and Lucy had asked me to knit one, so I was feeling pretty good about it, especially as the knitted one looked a lot mankier than the picture on the pattern.

When it came to getting the furry material however, I was surprised at how much it cost, and in my wisdom, I decided it'd look great in felt. Hahahahahahhahahahahaha!!

It was a good job I started making it early as in all it took me 3 weeks - yes you read that right 3 weeks! I am totally in awe of you people who make soft toys and the like in a day. And end up with something very professional looking. I ended up with two right arms and kept having to walk away as I just couldn't get my head around what I was meant to be doing. And so here it is:

I will not be making another one. Ever. However the most important thing is that Lucy loved it, and called him Bobby. He did get squished in the excitement, which lead to one of the darts bursting!! And that little droopy bit underneath is his tail. It said so in the pattern and I'm not arguing.

This was a far better creation for the birthday, made my my lovely sister, Lynne. Chocolate marble cake with white choc icing on top. MMmmmmmmmmmm. It was as scrummy as it looks. I even got a little bit of the bowl to lick before the kids got at it!!

Later on in the day, Cheeky and Woolly introduced Bobby to the finer points of living at Lynne's. Get to the chocs ASAP as they don't last long. It's every man/monkee/panda for himself.

Woolly, being very smart, decided that he just might get away with more chocs if he could put the blame onto Bobby.

Cheeky went for the disguise of a panda having eaten too many from the pack.


Kitty said...

Well excuse me, but I think that's a fabulous felt panda! No wonder your niece was pleased - who wouldn't be? And as for droopy bits being called a tail ... I've heard that before ;-)

Cake looks yummy (rabbit droppings and all :-p ) x

Julie said...

Nothing wrong with Bobby at all! And the chocolate cake looks ace! :) I love the disguises!

Jane said...

Hey your Bobby looks great and that birthday cake looks sooooooo yummy. Can't say i blame the monkeys for finishing the chocs. Jane x

Janice said...

Great disguises guys! I'm sure no one recognised you - Bobby didn't stand a chance. Hee hee hee, love to read your blog Kaz.
Janice x

Carol said...

i just love the panda - he's absolutely gorgeous.

Birthday cake - yum yum yum :)

Anonymous said...

Aren't those monkees naughty??? Poor Bobby being stitched up is hilarious!!! Keep 'em coming hon XXX

Anonymous said...

The panda looks great Kaz, and I do like your little monkey stories....xx

Mrs Moog said...

Bobby panda is just lovely - droopy bits and all!! He's made a small girl very happy and was made with loads of love so he's perfect :)

Those monkees aren't daft - blaming it on the new kid!!

Yummy cake :)


Unknown said...

Kaz, you are so bloody funny girl! I love reading your blog, please don't ever stop !


Locket Pocket said...

Brilliant Panda and very funny post Kaz! Lucy xxx

Igotmebabe said...

I love him. He fits in well :)