Monday, 31 March 2008

On Saturday we had the party for the 3 big anniversaries in the family {HERE} and it was great to get together with everyone who we haven't seen for a while. The party was in the chapel which was gorgeous, but bloody cold!!

Everyone liked their cards, so that was a relief.

From left to right: Mum, Lynne, Sheila (see 50th wedding cards below) and moonface-me (in Lynne's jacket)!

I had to blog this photo too of Lucy and Andy, my BIL. I can see why Lynne married him!!

Rach wasn't there though as she was on a school trip to Belgium for the weekend. Talking of school, the ones on the other side of the trees to where the plane crashed yesterday are the ones that Rach and Lucy go to, so a bit close to home.

Needless to say I spent yesterday horizontal and missed going to my parents for Sunday dinner, but you know what? They are brilliant as they brought me meals on wheels! How good are they? It also included apple crumble and custard mmmmmmm. Which is why I am moonfaced! Back to weight watchers online for me now. I really need to lose a stone, but it's so bloody tough when you can't exercise. I did it before so will hopefully do it again. It's the boredom eating that's the real problem.

Anyhooo, this is a craft blog so I'll show what I made last week using the fabric I got at Dunelm Mill a few weeks ago. This will be a raffle prize at the coffee morning mum does for Action for ME during Me awareness week in May. This is the 3rd year she will hold one and it's been good the last 2 years. I sell some of the cards I've made, but before anyone thinks of shopping me to the DSS again, the money raised goes to the charity!!

I am knitting something that will also be part of the fundraising and will blog it when I get a bit more done!!


Locket Pocket said...

The party sounds like fun!

You look gorgeous!

And your brother in law looks like fun!

Karen said...

Great bag!!! But I see spots before my eyes lol

Anonymous said...

Kaz your BIL looks like one of your monkees made from knit. LOL Does he model for you?

BTW can I buy some tickets for the raffle that bag looks mighty gorgeous?

traceyr x

Janice said...

Great pics Kaz and lovely bag, you are getting good at turning those out now.

Angelnorth said...

Looks like you all had fun at the party! Lovely bag, too - hope you raise lots of money for the charity at your coffee do.

AC said...

the party looks is always great to catch up with people that you haven't seen in a while.
Love the bag.
Take care and I hope you are keeping well.
Alison x

The Cryer Family said...

Hi Kaz - hope you are fine!! I REALLY love this bag!!
Helen x

Monkee Maker said...

Call that a moon-face?? Pah!

The party looks like it was lots of fun, I love the pink glow going on in the chapel!

Your bag is gorgeous - how will you bear to give it up?


Kathy said...

fab photos Kaz - looks like a great party.

Love that bag too - you are a clever old sausage, aren't you?

Kitty said...

You are NOT moon-faced! You are lovely - so there. And I had my eyes checked recently, so I know I'm seeing you 'properly'. :-p

Fab makings. I still get cross when I think of you being dobbed in to the DSS ... grrrrr.


Igotmebabe said...

Ohhhhhhh you were at a venue:) It looks great. Lucy In Lilac is beautiful, funny face included. Love the bag, hope it raises lots of ME money,gonna send you a link to the recent gene research, it proves just how wonky we are :)
Lots of Bug Hugs

Unknown said...

Great time had by all it appears! Isn't your mum glam???? Your dad is a lucky man! And you are lucky too to have such a fab pair of parents.

Love the bag, bet the peeps at the fundraising go 'dotty' over it! LOL

You'll have to send me the instructions on how to make these - I have LOADS of material in the loft just crying out to be used.

p.s. and will you purlease stop MOONING in your photos! lmfao

Luvs ya