Friday, 27 June 2008

Bunny update

The bunnies had their bits out yesterday (why can't I have that done, I'm not gonna use mine?) and are recovering well. They were very quiet last night, naturally, but have been getting perkier throughout today. They've been eating and drinking well, snuggling up and cleaning themselves and each other, so we are all very relieved here today.

p.s. there's a very nice bit of totty on Wimbledon at the mo, but he's not playing very well against Leyton Hewitt so I'm gonna just have a wee perv till he gets knocked out.


Happy Birthday {Janette} xx


Mrs Moog said...

Great news about the bunnies. I hope this puts an end to the interesting behaviour!

Enjoy your perv :)


Kitty said...

Is that that young Italian gentleman you're perving over? Not that I noticed him AT ALL! ;-)

Pleased the bunnies are on the mend.


Igotmebabe said...

Thank you Kaz
Bug Hugs
Am Knacked :) to be polite