Monday, 22 September 2008

Oh My Hairy Purse!!

There's a feast of photos today following our Cyber Crop on ~{Bubblyfunk Forum}~ which was a big success. There were 2 days full of different projects to have a go at (if you register on the forum you can have a go too).

I did a hairy purse .................

.........only me being me, I cast on too many stitches for the size of the zip and material I had set aside, so it ended up a sort of reverse tardis. If I had been a bit more intelligent I would have just cut some bigger fabric and used a bigger zip, but no. Anyway on the class I did recommend casting on less.

The other thing I did a tutorial for was altering a clipboard.

I made the two in the photo for Lynne's birthday and one for the Think Pink sale. Since then I have made another 2, one of which is for me.

On Saturday I only managed to make a card using ~{Kathy's}~ Speedy Simple and Stylish tute:

I did better on Sunday as I adapted ~{Di's}~ My Word It's A Canvas tute. Di used the letters on 4 canvases to go together and a 2nd canvas. They were both gorgeous, but I didn't have any small canvases, so I just decorated the letters and have stuck them on my magnetic board in the kitchen with my clipboard and a very old photo of my nieces.

The magnetic board is just a bit of plywood with a few coats of magnetic paint, then painted to match the walls.

The second thing I made was using ~{Tracy's}~ Flower Power tute. She made a gorgeous bunch of these flowers in a paper vase, but I really couldn't be arsed to do that so I just put them on a very simple card.

I turned away for a minute while making the flowers, and when I looked back, somebody had drunk my tea and eaten my choc:

The git.


Angelnorth said...

You made some fab things! I love the way those flowers look on a card and your adaptation of the HOME canvas looks fantastic, love it!

Kathy said...

wow, you did soooo well at the weekend Kaz

Naughty naughty monkey!

Locket Pocket said...

Golly you've been busy! Love everything you've been doing! Lucy x

Kitty said...

Oh my my ... sooo much crafty goodness going on here. You should never turn your back on a hairy monkey - they'll drink your tea and eat your chocolate every time.

Will email soon - promise.


Hazel said...

Great crafting, Kaz - love your tutorials. That norty monkey!

Gez Butterworth said...

Wow, you were busy Kaz! Love everything. You helped make the weekend fab Kaz. Thank Yooooou. x

Igotmebabe said...

Yeah we all know who ate the chocolate!!!
Beautiful crafting work :)
Bug Hugs

cookcreateread said...

Lovely stuff Kaz! Naughty monkey!!

Mrs Moog said...

I love those clipboards and the magnetic board looks gorgeous - great tip about the magnetic paint!
How can you be cross with such a cute hairy monkey - looks like he's been Tango'd :)


Jane said...

Lovely projects and cards Kaz, and your Monkey is cute even if he did drink your tea and eat your chocolate. Jane x

tracy said...

naughty monkey!!!
thanks for having a (bit of a) go at my class kaz i love your card :) i'm sorry but i can't have a go at the purse coz i don't knit,but will do the clip board when i get one :)

Anonymous said...

This is all brilliant stuff :D

You have a real talent Kaz . I love it all and your lil drawers and stuff to put things in..if it were me (and I sooo don't have the flair) it would be like a bomb had hit the place, no organisation or putting stuff

:) I love getting your cards :)