Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year and a review of the old

Santa was good to me this year as I had behaved myself more than anticipated! He brought me this lovely monkey with a lavendar wheatbag inside it to put in the microwave. You're meant to take it out first apparently. Better than seeing his little face going round and round I suspect.

He is sitting in a rather fetching bag that I got to put my knitting in as it's always spilling out of the one I use at the mo. It's big enough to have all my WIP's in. Hurrah.

I also got my very own bunnies, look:

They are ceramic and about 4 inches long and so very very cute. I have named them after Mopsy and Pepper, of course. Mops has the sticky up ears as hers aren't flat in real life. My nieces got me these so I will stop threatening to take theirs home with me.

You may have noticed the addition of this image on the left of the blog:

During the year, some of us over on Bubblyfunk Forum, made some projects to be put in a calendar that would have been sold with the profits going to Action for ME. However, sadly the printing bit fell through, so Janice and Joanne have made it into it's own blog, with a link to enable you to print it yourself if you wish.

They have added a Donation button too so hopefully it will raise some money. Click on the image on the left to have a mooch through.

So, as we reach the end of another year, I feel I should do a little update to see what has gone on.

Sadly, I feel no better than I did this time last year, the year before that, or that, or that etc etc x 10!!

But what I have done is:

  • survived a false accusation of running a business from this blog (what?!!?!!?!)
  • mastered monkey knittage
  • learned to make bags and phone cases
  • loved every minute of making things, even if it takes ages
  • met two very snuggly, fluffy and occasionally stroppy bunnies
  • been asked to contribute to the Bubbly Scrumptious e-mag
  • made some lovely blogging buddies

I really hope that this time next year I can say I feel better.

Now to round off the year, I have noticed that my post count has topped 10000!!! Blimey, how did that happen? So if you leave me a comment, I shall make something for the random winner I draw, ooo when shall I say? Next Friday?? No idea what it'll be yet, or how long it'll take me to get it to you, but you'll get something.

So have a Happy New Year. I hope that it brings you all that you wish for. And if you're celebrating tonight, have a drink for me xxx


Kitty said...

Hello You! So glad you had nice thingies for Christmas. You so deserve them. And here's hoping 2009 brings you a whole bucketful of happiness, health and hunks ;-)

Love those ceramic bunnies - so cute. Do they live indoors? If so, where?

Have a good new year hun. I was so pleased to 'meet' you in the old one.


Unknown said...

Hey sweetie! I wish I could do as much as you do and for you to be battling with ME as well, I take my hat off to you!

Have a wonderful NYE and a fabulous 2009.

Lots of love and monkey hugs xx

Net said...

Fab stuff - and well done on the calendar its great! I LURVES those bunnies!

Hazel said...

Love your microwave monkey and also your bunnies. Congrats on your blog hits. Well done for all your achievements this year. Happy New Year. x

Karen said...

Awe sweetie, onwards and upwards always, keep smiling, love and hugs XXX

Locket Pocket said...

Happy New Year Kaz - hope 2009 sees you feeling much better!

I love the fact that your nieces gave you bunnies to try and stop you from pinching theirs! I met my nephews' bunny for the first time today and very nearly popped him in my handbag when we left! Good job I didn't though because I think I might be slightly allergic to him :o(

Lucy x

Gez Butterworth said...

Nice to see Santa was kind to you Kaz. Look after those bunnies & no more microwaving monkees!!

You have acheived so much this year & your work is always incredible. Thank You for sharing your lovely creations with us.

Best Wishes for 2009.

Happy crafting.

Love Gez. xx

Angelnorth said...

Now who on earth would have thought of buying you a monkey?! :lol: Happy New Year Kaz!

Munkeh said...

Happy New Year Kaz!

Congrats on the blogaversary!

Hope the new year will find you feeling a bit better. Take care.

Sam said...

Happy New Year Kaz - here's hoping 2009 is good for you.
I lurve looking at your Blog and creations - just wish I could do half as well as you do
loves ya, hun

Mrs Moog said...

Happy New Year Kaz!!!

I love your little ceramic bunnies - sooo cute! Glad you had a lovely Christmas and I hope you have a fantastic 2009 :-)

Igotmebabe said...

Your achievements have been great this year, despite the crappiness of ME which is always there, sometimes lurking trying to fool you but usually dominant, in control of daily life. It needs to not exist !!!
Am loving the bunnies and the heated monkey is so you :)
Talk soon

Janice said...

How did I miss this? :o

Love the thought of the monkee going round in the microwave - ha ha ha!

Thanks for promoting the calendar blog and gingers crossed for a better year health wise for you and your family.

Sue said...

I love those bunnies Kaz.
Happy new Year to you, keep up the good work with your blog as it's always worth peeping into.
Sue x

SueH said...

Happy New Year to you Kaz.

It sounds like you have one hell of a year in 2008 but there one thing that you've left off your list.....
the fact that you've made so many of us laugh and smile at the 'monkey busines' that goes on in you house. You always manage to brighten a dull and dreary day, so a big thank you from me.