Sunday, 21 December 2008

Merry Christmas to you!

I'm going to take this opportunity to send a Christmas card to all you lovely bloggy buddies I have made. That includes the ones who lurk as well as those who comment and on whose blogs I comment.
I hope you all have the best time over the Christmas and the New Year xxx.
I haven't made a post for a while as I've been trying to get organised for Christmas, and today I have finally finished. We've also been having some emotional family stuff going on too, one of which is that Nan is now in a home, and I've been finding it very very tiring. Nan is settling in well and its great to know she is being looked after 24 hours a day and has the company she has been missing. There's an awful lot of bureaucracy involved as we have to sell Nan's house to pay for the care for one thing, but we'll get there soon I hope. The other family thing looks like it'll take longer unfortunately.
So I shall be back, hopefully feeling a little bit more awake, and raring to go after Christmas!!
Have a wonderful time xxx
P.S I hope that blogger sorts out its spacing issues by then too!!!!


Kitty said...

Merry Christmas Kaz! Thanks for this card (and the other one) - as always your cards are fab.

Sorry to hear you are a bit ker-knackerated. I know the feeling. Hope you manage to get everything that needs sorting, sorted.

Have a lovely time with your family, and here's wishing you a brilliant 2009.


Janice said...

Have a lovely Christmas Kaz, hope you have a great time and get lots of pressies. XXX

Locket Pocket said...

Have a really lovely Christmas Kaz! Love Lucy xxx

Angelnorth said...

Have a fab Christmas Kaz! Glad your Nan is settling in and enjoying the company, hope the other stuff gets sorted sooner than you fear.

Unknown said...

Kaz, it's such a difficult decision to make to put a loved one into a home, as we have found out previously ourselves. The peace you can take from it is that she is now cared for 24/7 and is safe at all times. As for the bureaucracy - hmmmm! The pay their taxes all those years, save and provide for their families and themselves and then have to pay again to be looked after in their time of need. Those who are less financially conscious get the same standard of care without the need to contribute! GRRRRRR!!!!!

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas full of joy and peace.

Lots of love, hun xxx

Gez Butterworth said...

Wishing you & your family a lovely Christmas & happy, healthy 2009, Kaz. xx

Glad your Nan is settling in & is getting the care & company she deserves although the bureaucracy stinks. Hope all other things work out well.

Happy Crafting.

Love Gez. xx

Hazel said...

Hope the family things get sorted soon - glad nan is settling in. Hope you have a Happy Christmas. Love the card - thank you. x

Unknown said...

Kaz, please visit my blog, there is something waiting for you there. xxx

Jane said...

Happy Christmas Kaz and hope you have a lovely time with the family. Thank you for the bloggy Christmas card too. Jane x

Janice said...

I've given you an award - its on my blog.

Di said...

I've also given you an award Kaz, details on my blog too xx

Kathy said...

This is such a lovely card Kaz