Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Those bunnies!

I went up to Lynne's last week again and took with me the bits I was doing for ~{ BUBBLY SCRUMPTIOUS }~ for posting today. I never, ever, ever, no not never do layouts and scrapbooking, but I had this lovely photo of my two most favourite bunnies and I thought I'd make something for Lynne and her family. I've put it onto some thick card for support and as soon as they saw it, it went up on the kitchen wall!

Whilst I was there, I had an 'incident' with Mopsy (the one on the right). I was picking her up from the run to put her back in the hutch when she decided it would be a good time to struggle and throw herself out of my grasp and onto the shed floor, bouncing on the run itself as she did so. Luckily Rach was with me, so we got the shed door closed so she couldn't escape, but she decided to run around the outside of the run and squish herself between the shed wall and the run. We managed to prise her out and she seemed fine, but I was really worried she may have hurt herself.
She told Lynne that she didn't want that blonde lady picking her up again!!
I also did a couple of cards using chipboard crowns. Full details are on the blog (follow the link above if you'd like to see).

I'm back home, safe and sound and glad that monkeys made of knit don't wriggle.

Oh and yesterday my new printer (that I was praising so much before) has stopped working. I'm waiting for an engineer to come and fix it so that I can finish making pressies. I was told on the phone that if it's user error or something stuck in it, I will have to pay. Well there can't possibly be anything in it as my craft room is always so tidy. Hahahahahahahaha.


Kitty said...

I hate it when they do that 'if it's your fault, we'll make you pay' thing. BT did it to me - I was almost too scared to call them out (they wanted £116 + VAT thank you very much). Turned out they had a loose wire at the exchange. Muppets!

Fab card and scrapbook layout. Good luck with the rabbits next time you're there. I reckon they'll be waiting for you ;-)


Di said...

Loving what you've done with the crowns hun and good luck with your printer.

There's an award for you on my blog too xx

Karen said...

Poor little Bunny....that Aunty Kaz being mean????

I love that LO sweetie, you should do some more or make up a little book with all the funny bunny pics in XXX

Sue said...

We called BT out and it turned out to be our old phone that needed throwing out the window. The engineer said they would charge but we heard nothing and that was in June so fingers crossed they have forgotten by now or he didn't put in a report.
Anyway good luck with your printer and I love what you have done with the bunny layout Kaz.
Sue x

Angelnorth said...

The bunny LO looks fab, love it! Fingers crossed on the printer. I think they say that about charging to try to make sure that people have checked everything 'obvious' before getting them out to it. I'm sure your craft room is immaculate ;o)

Anonymous said...

Love the layout Kaz - those bunnies are soooo gorgeous and the crowns are very fitting....x

Kathy said...

Love the bunny LO - you want to be careful of that scrapping lark, you know! Your card is fab - I just love those crowns and the dash of bright colours in the paper

Igotmebabe said...

Trust you to have a incident :)